It was established by Ramazan Güçlü in 1997. Starting to operate in the beverage industry, ASGÜÇ has accomplished to be one of the pioneering beverage companies in Turkey.

Güçlüler Güçpa beverage company was founded in 2009 as a second firm and ASGÜÇ Güçlüler Group has proceeded on its way in Antalya and in the region. Our company incorporated ?ifa Do?al Maden Sular? which had been the leading company in production of natural mineral water since 1984.

Our production facility which had been measured 9000 m2 was upgraded to 20000 m2. The range of products and product capacity were aggrandized by launching new production lines in our production facility.

Our main storage in Manavgat is established over 14000 m2 including indoor storage area which is measured 4500 m2. The storage in Alanya is established over 6500 m2 including indoor storage area measured 2000 m2.

It engages in both in-country and overseas production together with vehicle fleet comprising 52 vehicles and specialist personnel of 70 to 120 within its company structure. As a result of the 3-year intensive research and development study Carla Cola was produced in 2011. Carla Cola is for the beverage industry along with its pet-premix and postmix varieties.

CARLA COLA whose raw materials are provided from the international raw material suppliers is produced untouched by human hands by fully-automatic machines in accordance with international standards. The postmix and premix machines are imported from Italian brand Vinservice.

CARLA COLA is produced without any compromise on production and machine quality and it produces products as the same quality as international brands and it serves with the machines as high quality as those of international brands. The difference which makes CARLA COLA stands out among other national brands is its pet-premix-postmix product range which is unique in Turkey.